Conan Exiles: Rules

Our rules are broken down into 4 subsections, Standard, Building, Wilderness and Inactivity rules

Standard Rules

  1. You are not allowed to advertise other Server/Communities
  2. There is an Absolute Zero Tolerance Policy on cheating or exploiting. Any Offenders will be banned permanently.
  3. Discriminating or other excessive behavior will not be tolerated. This includes behavior deemed toxic by other players and admin staff
  4. Please refrain from the inappropriate naming of Clans, Characters and Thralls
  5. You must be in a clan even if solo. Admins cant help players if they aren’t in a clan

Building Rules

Land space is first come, first used, however this does not mean you have to use it all; we encourage you to use only what you need. Building massive structures will not let others build, and will start lagging the server.

A clan will have a maximum amount of Followers available to them. This maximum amount grows depending on the amount of members in the clan. A solo clan will have a maximum of 25 available followers. If a new member joins the clan, this maximum goes up by 10 to a maximum of 75. Each new clan member will add an additional 10 to the maximum allowed Followers. (This does not include crafting thralls.)

Clans are allowed 1 base and 1 outpost. Issues regarding this will be handled on a case by case issue by the admins

  1. Do not build within 10 blocks of rare resources, points of interest or any bosses in the world. If you aren't sure, please ask a Conan Support member in Discord before you build.
  2. Please keep all placeables within your allotted area or outpost area, including fish traps(max 10), wheel of pains, stables, ect. 


If you go more than 14 days offline auto decay kicks in & it will result in the destruction of your base or bases. Be sure to log in at least once every 14 days