Welcome To A Township Tale!

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Getting Setup To Play

  • The best way to play this is wireless, however it is not required,you can play with your link cables as well, I only recommend wireless if you have good internet speeds, (750down or higher) otherwise you will get a fair amount of jitter. but here goes my attempt at explaining the setup.
  • You will require Virtual desktop on your headset and your pc if you wish to play wireless Download VR Desktop Here
  • once that is setup, download the game here https://townshiptale.com/
  • sign up for your account. but don't open the game, just the launcher
    on your desktop open up the streamer app for VR desktop, and then put on your headset, open VR desktop in your headset and connect to your PC
  • Then, press play on your township tale launcher, and it should automagically stream into VR, (this might take some finagling since VR is still relatively newish tech, it takes a special touch sometimes, but keep trying, and you will get it.

Finding the Server

when you load the atla launcher you click the group icon on the right to open the right side menu fully. then you put the server invite code in the bottom right search box and click the plus sign to add it.

Server Invite Code: 331478466

after you have applied via the invite code ping @Maple in #att-general in the discord to have your whitelist accepted :)


  • No Griefing (no throwing players items that are left in the world into the water for example)
  • Be Kind
  • Have Fun