Ark: Dino Token Guide
Checking your available Tokens

To check how many color tokens you have, type this command in your game chat: /dctokens

Once you select a dino and run your first command, you will have 15 minutes to finish the dino coloring. Dinos cannot be bred during this time. One token works on only one dino. 

Prepare your color scheme

Your color token time doesn't start until you type your first command. Since you only have 15 minutes, make sure you're prepared!

Dino Region Info

Each dino has a particular number of regions  - up to 6 that may be colored.

Head to and search for your dino, then head to the Color Scheme and Regions section. There is a super handy page that shows you exactly how many regions the creature has, and also displays where on the dino those regions are.

Here is the Reaper for example -

Dino Color Options

Ark has a plethora of color choices for you to permanently color your dino! Head over to and find some color combinations you love.

Painting your Dino

Use these commands to color your own dino. Stand in front of you dino, prepared with both region numbers you want to color and colors. You now have 10 minutes to finish coloring your dino!

/sdc When looking at a dino this will set that region to that color. Do this for each region on the dino.

Ex. /sdc 1 1 Would paint the target dino's region 1, color 1, which is red

If you can't decide, you can try a random color combo with this command. /sdcr

Saving/Listing/Loading Color Schemes

If you have a favorite color combination for a dino species, you can save it as a template for future dinos of that same species.

  • /savedc When looking at a dino saves the color scheme as the name (Saved color schemes are species specific) Ex. /savedc anky Would save the color scheme as anky in your saved dino color schemes for that species
  • /listdc When looking at a dino will list all available saved dino color schemes for that species
  • /loaddc When looking at a dino loads the color scheme of that name (Saved color schemes are species specific) Ex. /loaddc zebra Would load the color scheme of zebra to the target dino. Uses a token IF that dino has not used a token previously.
Other Information
  • Dino's can only be painted once, please ensure you are satisfied with your colors and are ready to paint before you use a token
  • There is a 15 minute timer, once you apply your first color, the token is used and the count down begins. You will not get a warning once the timer is over.
  • Tokens are not refundable once bought