These rules are subject to change without public notification, although we will do our best to communicate with the community. In some cases a poll may be posted, but all polls are not binding, sometimes they give us a feel for the community thoughts. In the end, we do what we feel is most healthy for the cluster.

Please cooperate with these rules and guidelines to help us maintain a healthy cluster. Rule violations may result in the removal of your structures, creatures, items or (if serious enough) banning of your account from the community. Players will be given a warning first before action is taken.

◈ Interactions with Prodigy team must be respectful - All community members are expected to maintain a respectful attitude when communicating with a member of the Prodigy team.
◈ All trades are final. Prodigy is not responsible for trades gone bad, double check everything.

Griefing will be determined by the Prodigy team and are not limited but can include the following:
◈ Absorbing tribes with the intent to take their structures, items, or creatures to then kick them from the tribe.
◈ Insiding: All tribe structures, items, and creatures belong to the tribe owner. Do not join a tribe with the intent to grief / inside a tribe.
◈ Intentionally having a negative impact on the Prodigy community can result in punishment.
◈ Blocking world spawn points, other player structures or player characters with structures purposefully or unintentionally is not allowed.
◈ Blocking desert crates, water crates, cave crates, orbital supply drops, element veins, missions, or glitches.
◈ Leaving tamed creatures on the Obelisks, mission areas, titan areas, orbital supply drops, or element veins is not allowed. This will result in your creature being moved or possibly destroyed by the Prodigy team without warning.
◈ Trap Bases: Bases built to intentionally trap players giving them no way out is not allowed. Teleporting to a public teleporter is done at your own risk.
◈ Leaving aggressive tames on wander outside of a base or fenced in area is not allowed.
◈ Leaving tames unattended in caves, pathways, or other tribes' bases is not allowed.
◈ Non-consensual player versus player such as picking, stealing, drowning, kiting creatures to other survivors' creatures or structures or anything of similar nature.
◈ Do not help players without asking for their permission first. If the player declines your help, respect their wishes and do not get involved.
◈ Do not give out freebies to any players, use the provided coin system to buy/sell from players, or use barter system to trade
◈ Malicious intent on the community, servers, and/or content of other players.

Using exploits will result in a warning, 24 hour ban, 3 day ban, and lastly a perma. unless otherwise stated
◈ Duplication of tames, items, or characters will result in the player(s) being banned.
◈ Cheating, scripting are not allowed and it can lead to a player being banned.
◈ Intentionally crashing the Prodigy servers (through DDoS or otherwise) will lead to the player(s) being permanently banned.
◈ Stacking multiple creatures inside each other's models via raising babies close together, teleporting them near each other, downloading them, etc (ex: multiple brontos, sheep, or otherwise in a 1x1 foundation area)
◈ Bypassing structure limits.
◈ Bypassing creature limits on a single map. (does not include dino storage creatures)

Naming Guidelines
When choosing your name, you must adhere to general decency and abide by the following rules. If Prodigy determines your name to be improper, we may be forced to change the name.
◈ Names may not contain vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive.
◈ All character, tribe & creature names must only contain common ASCII characters. (QWERTY Keyboard) and exclude the following / \ > < @
◈ Only make and use 1 character for the entire cluster, If you own tribes on multiple maps, your Tribe names must remain consistent and up to date across the cluster.
◈ Pretending to be someone else with the intent to impersonate Prodigy team members, other tribes or community members is not allowed.

Tickets Rules and Information
VIP have access to the discord ticket system, everyone else is able to use the website forms to submit a ticket
Tickets should NOT be requested nor opened for the following reasons:
◈ The recovery of lost creatures or items. We do not replace dinos or items lost due to glitches, lag, rollbacks, or other similar incidents.
◈ General Questions.
◈ Server crashes

Tickets should be opened for the following reasons:
◈ A player or tribe is suspected of being in violation of any of the rules.
◈ Tribe ownership transfer due to an error or tribe owner missing, unless it has been more than 14 days.

Please include the following information to expedite your ticket process:
◈ Character Name with link to your steam profile
◈ Tribe name
◈ Cluster, Map, and CCC coords (type ccc in console and paste it in Discord)
◈ Names of any other tribes involved
◈ Approximate time of incident (include time zone)
◈ Reason for your ticket, with all evidence of the incident (Rule violations require solid evidence)

False/Wasteful Tickets
When opening a ticket, please ensure that you are genuine. Knowingly providing false information in tickets, or tickets made to harass the Prodigy team, or intentionally wasting the Prodigy team’s time are deemed punishable.
You can increase the effectiveness of your tickets by including as much information as possible, as well as video or picture evidence. We never make our decisions or actions regarding potential malicious player behavior lightly. Suspensions, warnings, and/or bans are only issued after careful review of all internal and external evidence.

Prodigy PvE Cluster Building Rules


  • Main Base: A "main base" is defined as a large structure, group of structures, or claimed marked boundary comprised of more than 400 but no more than 8000 structures in total.
  • Established Base: An "established base" is defined as an outpost or main base and the surrounding curtilage delineated with a perimeter such a constructed wall or naturally defined boundary such as a cliff face.
  • Gacha Tower: A "Gacha tower" is defined as a structure or group of structures incorporating 3 or more S+ Gacha Gavagers in close proximity.
  • Outpost: An "outpost" is defined as any structure, group of structures, or claimed marked boundary, intended solely for support functions, that does not exceed 400 structures in total.
  • Taming Pen: A "taming pen" is defined as any structure or group of structures built with the purpose of entrapping a wild creature for ease of taming.
  • Public Teleporter: A “public teleporter” is defined as a small structure consisting of an S+/A+ teleporter, power source, and enclosure just large enough to accommodate them. The teleporter must be unlocked and usable by the public.

◈ Each tribe shall not surpass 8,000 structure items per map. Type /ShowLimits in chat to see your tribe's structure count overall on the map.
◈ Each tribe is allowed a maximum of 2 base/outpost locations per map. Mobile structures, such as those built on a platform saddle, raft, or skiff, count as a single base location.
◈"Outposts" are NOT to be built inside artifact caves, mini bosses, or otherwise exploitable areas, and under no circumstances shall any construction block, hinder, or otherwise restrict access to any loot crate, explorer note, or artifact container.
◈ Building within 50 foundations of another tribe's already established base shall not be permitted without that tribe's permission. Land disputes shall be settled among tribes initially, with admin arbitration being a last resort. Admin rulings shall be final in all cases.
◈ Pillars, foundations, and other methods used to block or reserve land shall not be permitted.
◈ “Taming pens” must be removed immediately after the creature is tamed or killed. Permanent "taming pens" are allowed only within the confines of a tribe's "main base".
◈ Floating Basses are not allowed, all bases must connect to the ground (this doesnt mean pillaring to the skybox either)
◈ Shields or platforms that engulf other players' structures or creatures.
◈ Tribes shall not place more than 10 Gacha Gavagers per tribe per map.

◈ Passive farming structures, including the Gas Collector, Tree Sap Tap, and Oil Rig, may be placed on appropriate nodes, however all such structures must be unlocked and free to access.
◈ Structures shall NOT be placed so as to entrap, impede, hinder, or block survivor spawn points.
◈ Structures shall NOT be placed so as to block, hinder, or impede access to obelisk terminals, city terminals, or titan arena terminals. Dinos are NOT to be left unattended in such areas and are subject to removal by admins without warning.
◈ Structures shall NOT be placed so as to prevent beaver dams or wild dino nests from spawning in a given area.
◈ Structures shall NOT be placed for the purpose of disrupting other community members' game play under any circumstances.
◈ Sleeping bags, campfires, 2x2 or smaller foundations/beds are not to be left inside of caves/artifact areas or otherwise exploitable areas. You can place them while running the caves, but they must be picked up after
◈ Structures must not block resource rich areas that include the following: metal, obsidian, crystal, black pearls. Each report will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Genesis Specific Rules
◈ All tribes are limited to a single “main base” and are permitted one “outpost” in each other biome.
◈ Structures shall NOT be placed so as to block, hinder, or impede access to Glitches. Construction around them is acceptable so long as a clearly marked avenue to access them is available.
◈ Structures shall NOT be placed so as to block, hinder, or impede pathways in any biome. Construction on these pathways is solely permitted if built in such a manner to allow a Giga-sized dino to easily pass through or around on the path.
◈ Structures shall NOT be placed inside, or around so as to block, hinder, or impede access to caves WildCard has deemed to be mission areas, nor block spawning of exclusive creature areas.

- Any structures violating these rules are subject to removal by Prodigy Team without warning.