**Griefing will be determined by the Prodigy team and are not limited but can include the following: **

◈ Insiding: All tribe structures, items, and creatures belong to the tribe owner. Do not join a tribe with the intent to grief / inside a tribe.
◈ Intentionally having a negative impact on Prodigy events will result in being banned in future events.
◈ Blocking world spawn points, other player structures or player characters with structures purposefully or unintentionally is not allowed.
◈ Blocking desert & water drops.
◈ Leaving tamed creatures on the Obelisks is not allowed. This will result in your dino being moved by the Prodigy team without warning.
◈ Trap Bases: Bases built to intentionally trap players giving them no way out is not allowed. Teleporting to a public teleporter is done at your own risk.
◈ Leaving tames on wander outside of a base or fenced in area is not allowed.
◈ Leaving tames unattended in caves or pathways that may hinder others from using them is not allowed.
◈ Non-consensual player versus player such as picking players, kiting dinos to someone else's dinos or structures, stealing, drowning offline players or anything of similar nature.
◈ Do not help players without asking for their permission first. If the player declines your help, respect their wishes and do not get involved.

The following actions are forbidden and can result in punishment actions against player's or tribe's on the Prodigy platforms.

◈ Blocking access to the artifacts caves, obelisk terminals or boss terminals is not allowed.
◈ Artifacts and cave drops should remain free and clear of structures or dinos.
◈ Structure spam is not allowed. This could result in your structures being removed without warning by a staff member. If you want to make a base boundary, set up gates or a fence around to mark your location.
◈ The above rule includes beds/spawnboxes near drops, artifacts, mission terminals
◈ Do not block land paths if its an entry or exit point to vital areas. Each report will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
◈ There is no base limit restrictions, however if you build large you must be constantly using the space you take up and it not be a box base or a total eyesore.
◈ Taming pens are allowed but they must be taken down immediately or unlocked as soon as they are finished with. Failing to do this could result in your structures being removed by a member of staff.
◈ Building placeholders to reserve land is not allowed, this could result in your structures being removed by a member of staff without warning.
◈ Structure spamming at non base locations for the purpose of disrupting other community members game play will be removed without warning by a staff member.
◈ Structures must not block resource rich areas that include the following: metal, obsidian, crystal, black pearls, Lava Pools on genesis are also considered a vital resource. Each report will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
◈ You can not build a base on a main Teleport location (genesis)
◈ Blocking or Building on beaver dam spawns is not allowed.
◈ Giving Away free stuff to players not allowed, sell or trade items and help build the server economy