Ark Gold VIP (Recurring)

Order contents

  • Gold VIP role in Discord for 30 days
  • Gold VIP role in Game for 30 days
  • No Decay Timer (while you have the role)
  • Hourly Coin payouts boosted to 65
  • 30,000 coins to use in our in-game coin shop
  • 15% increase to Quest Coin Payouts
  • 3 Dino Color Token (Dino Brush)
  • Access to VIP only Games
  • Ability to post Gifs in Discord
  • Use Emojis from other servers in our Discord

You must login at least once and spend 5-10 minutes in game after purchasing this package to have it take effect and deliver your coins.

Please check your /decaytime on one of your structures before logging out of the game. If the timers do not seem right, or you have not received your coins within 1 hour, please open a ticket with us so we can review.

**Warning, These are not stackable, the most recent one you purchase will over ride your current package, wait until the end of your billing cycle before upgrading/downgrading.

Costs: $30 p/mo

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